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Video Conference Chiropractor

Video Conference Chiropractor | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman

Video Conference Chiropractor | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman is opening this week

Video Conferencing is a technique used very commonlly paricularly in insurance based medical care at the moment. This is an easy technique used to diagnose may types of back pain, neck pain and sports injuries

Particularly in the case of acute new injuries we can diagnose and indicate what imeadaite care needs to be done.

There is nothing better than hands on treatment but in these times we can use video appointments to help give best advice and indicate home exercise needed

Core Chiropractic are offering 20-30min new patient consultatiions consisting of a history taking, visual physcial exam, diagnosis and home advice plan for £20

If you have any new injuries, friends or family that need advice then please keep in mind we are still open and serving the comunity – All you need to do is make contact via

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