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Can Chiropractic treatment help me?

Chiropractic can help everybody with a spine from world class athletes who are using Chiropractic care to  improve performance or people with back pain or shoulder hip and knee pain who need to be pain free at work.

Chiropractors help relieve pain which comes from joint, muscle or nerves and then restores the body into proper function and can help you improve your function for whatever activities you do.

What can I expect on my first appointment?

At Core Chiropractic you will be greeted in our reception area in which will then be asked to fill in a small form with contact details and simple information. This will take approximately 5mins so please arrive 5 minutes before hand.

Your Chiropractor will then welcome you into your private treatment room where your appointment can last between 40-60mins.

Initially you  will discuss the reasons why you made the appointment and how you would like our healthcare services to help you. Then you will do a physical exam consisting of medical and orthopaedic tests which will indicate what your diagnosis and most beneficial treatment plan will be. Here we will move some of the areas of the body that are causing issues but also look around the injury site. Looking at your posture  and how your body moves. If we need to recommend further scans or tests we will do so.

Then its Q&A time where we will discuss the best possible way to get you better and subsequent options after pain improvement. Together we will put  a treatment plan consisting of hands on treatment in the private treatment room, one-one rehab and strengthening in the exercise therapy room and obviously what you can do  at home.

If it is appropriate we may treat you upon your first visit however this is entirely  dependant on the case.

You may be given a treatment if appropriate and/or information to  take home with you to help start your treatment plan that day.


What do Chiropractors treat?

Chiropractors specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of spinal function. Your pain can be in the form of neck, hip or shoulder pain and compose of a combination of nerve, muscle and joint pain. In this case the body may need  to be treated as a whole and not simply focusing on the direct injury site. For the example of upper arm pain there may  be a muscle or a joint which is relaying pain to your brain however the underlying cause may come from your posture and spine. You may have leg pain from the knee joint however your leg alignment may need to be altered at the pelvis to equally distribute your weight.

Chiropractors are seen to specialise in the spine and at Core Chiropractic we treat spinal  pain  very well. However we also use a functional approach to treat heads, shoulders, knees and toes as well.

Will my healthcare insurance cover treatment?

We work with most healthcare insurance providers and they cover Chiropractic care and the techniques used within Chiropractic care. For further information please contact  us  and we can inform you how best to organise your cover.

Is there onsite parking?

Yes Vantage Point  Car Park where there is both above ground and below level parking

What is the popping noise during spinal manipulation?

The popping or cracking noise that is experienced sometimes during spinal manipulation is the release of nitrous gases from the lubricating fluid between your joints.

If a joint has become stiff and there is not much movement in the lubricating fluid (Synovial fluid) then dissolved gas can collect in the fluid. A manipulation can free the level of movement in the joint and release some of the dissolved gas inside the lubricating fluid thus making a popping noise.

The popping noise is not a scale of how well the treatment is going and does not need to occur if you choose not to experience it. Our therapists use many types of therapy including gentle mobilisation, stretching and exercise therapy to help achieve your goals.

Can I pay using my American Express?

Becoming a more and more popular question. Yes we accept Amex

Does hands on therapy hurt?

Treatment is generally pain free. But during initial stages we tend to be working with areas off the body that are currently sensitive for example there are aspects of deep tissue massage which can be tender and stretching tight muscles which may  lead to some discomfort. However ALL treatment is done with detailed communication with the patient indicating what you can expect during each step. Generally patients feel minimal levels of discomfort and notice pain relief and ease of movement soon after their treatments.

How do I book an appointment for each health care service?

You can either enter your details and we will call you to book an appointment. Or for quicker results you can call the clinic and book for the next suitable appointment.

You can book for any of our services and healthcare  options available over the phone however we recommend that you attend your initial consultation and then your Chiropractic will discuss with you with options are most helpful and/or which your would prefer.

Can I bring my children during treatments?

Yes and why not get your children’s spinal function checked at the same time as Chiropractic can help with the constant changes of a child’s spine as well. But your children are always welcome in the treatment room with you.

However if you would prefer to leave under supervision there is a child care centre simply meters away in


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