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Treatments to help YOU

The following services are available at Core Chiropractic

Assessment and Diagnosis

Your initial consultation will consist of a comprehensive assessment including a verbal history followed by a physical exam testing the appropriate muscles, joints and nerves.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care can relieve spinal joint and muscle pain with manipulations and mobilisations of the spine. Chiropractic treatments can help correct your alignment of the spine and improving the communication from your central nervous system to the whole body thus optimizing your bodily health.

Sports Massage

Massage and release of tight muscles can help with pain relief and will also enable the body to move without muscular resistance.


Acupuncture can be used to help decrease muscle and joint pain. Acupuncture uses needles to decrease pain and promote healing by triggering the body to release biochemicals in the area.

Exercise Therapy and Rehab

A tailor made program of stretching, strengthening and movement training is given as part of your care plan. This is during one to one sessions in the onsite exercise therapy room. The program is structured to your ability and goals so you can replicate it either at home or in your gym.

Ultrasound Therapy

Ultrasound can be used for all types of patients with most types of mechanical pain as it is easily applied and extremely safe. It can increase blood flow and cell activity in deep tissues to reduce pain and accelerate healing. It is commonly used for sports injuries soon after they occur to start the healing process.

Brighton Chiropractors

Welcome to Core Chiropractic where we are Brighton Chiropractors in Central Brighton focusing on pain and prevention. We are a  clinic helping you recover from pain and go beyond to improve your body and health.

We combine Chiropractic treatment, muscular therapies and onsite exercise stabilization training to prevent re-occurrence and live a stronger healthier life.


What do we Treat

At Core Chiropractic we treat most joint, muscle and nerve pains however here are some of the common disorders patients seek our help for.

Low back pain
Neck and shoulder pain
Trapped nerves
Bad Posture
Low back pain

Low back pain can affect 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Unfortunately many  people have back pain which disrupts  their everyday living from lifting their children, going to the gym or even sitting…

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Neck and shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain  is a very common problem seen by Chiropractors. Your neck supports  your head and can be put under a lot of  stress. Neck pain can be l0ng term postural issues or short term injuries including whiplash however most…

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Trapped nerves

The most common types of trapped nerves  include sciatica in the leg and  radicular pain going from the neck into the shoulder and arm. Trapped nerves can be caused by pressure from either spinal discs, spinal joints or…

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Accurate diagnosis of what type of  headache you have is the most important start for your care Then a course of combined treatments including traction, manipulation, acupuncture and postural training can relieve pain and address the underlying problem…

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Bad Posture

Bad posture is something your do and not  something you have. However there are aspects of your anatomy which are preventing you from doing it better. Firstly a Chiropractor can indicate why and where  your posture may…

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What patients say About Us

  • Matt was outstanding. Being a tradesman and generally beating my body up due to the physical nature of my work, I have visited a number of chiropractors over the years and I can say that Core Chiropractic was by far the best I have come across. From diagnosis to treatment and prevention Matt was incredibly knowledgable and was able to identify the problem immediately. He treated it well within the timeframe he predicted (which meant his estimated treatment cost actually came in lower than I expected) and explained how I can limit my risk of injury in the future and even had video tutorials which meant I did all the stretching and strengthening properly post treatment. I can't recommend Matt and Core Chiropractic highly enough.

  • While performing in a show at the Brighton Fringe I injured my back and neck. I knew I needed to get it looked at - but quite honestly I was a little anxious as I had never been to a Chiropractor before and the idea frightened me. I also didn't know where to go as I'm not from Brighton. I found Matthew at Core Chiropractic on Google and the reviews seemed great. He spoke to me on the phone and eased my worries and I luckily managed to get an appointment that same day. I cannot recommend Matthew enough, not only did he put me at ease with what adjustments and therapy I needed. I couldn't believe how much better I felt after just one session, I thought I would be in pain for a long time but the next day I felt almost back to normal! I had another follow up session 2 days later and now I don't feel any pain from my injury. If you are debating being seen by a Chiropractor (or are an anxious patient like I am) then I would definitely recommend Matthew at Core.

  • After many years of Rugby and MMA my back and neck are constantly stiff – Dr Matt Bateman helped both with the immediate pain/stiffness but also helped me put together a plan of treatments/home exercises so as to prevent any more issues in the future. This is working a treat. Very friendly guy to boot.

  • I went to the see Matthew suffering with Coccyx pain which made sitting down very un-comfortable at at times near impossible, after a few treatments I noticed a positive difference and now having had around eight treatments I feel almost as good as new and have been able to do things I couldn't before. If you are suffering with any similar Coccyx pain I cannot recommend him highly enough, just try them, you won't regret it :)

  • I had several chiropractic treatments with Matthew Bateman and my pain has considerably reduced. His manipulations are effective and I saw positive changes after the first treatment. I found Matthew to be knowledgeable, nice and gentle. He takes time to explain the process of the treatment and what it will do, which immediately puts you at ease. I have to thank him for his good care and services.

  • I suffered a persistent and acute lower back pain for months. My lower back was stiff and I could see it how the vertebrae didn't move. This was affecting my daily activities such as work, gym and being able to stand up beyond certain time. By word of mouth -and luck, a friend of a friend referred me to Dr. Matthew Bateman. I booked an appointment to see him one evening and after going through different manipulations, an x-ray, and regular consultations during the first couple of weeks, my back recovered his mobility, the stiffness and pain disappeared. After weeks of treatment and practicing regular exercises as recommended by Dr. Bateman, my back has recovered its mobility, I feel more active and am more conscious of taking good care of my back overall. My treatment now consists of regular checkouts every few weeks and ideally daily exercises. I include fish oil in my diet, as, in my case, I need to avoid the vertebrae eventually joining in the future. Having been one of Dr. Bateman for the last 8 months, I have been very pleased with the results. Without doubt I highly recommend him.

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