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Push Up Plus | Brighton Chiropractor

Push up Plus | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman demonstrates exercise for shoulder stability showing a simple exercise that helps the muscles underneath the shoulder blade which can improve shoulder stability, postural awareness and upper back flexibility. For more hints and tips go to

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Shoulder Overhead Flexibility | Brighton Chiropractor

Shoulder overhead flexibility | brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman demonstrates that flexibility is often lost after rotator cuff injuries, forzen shoulders or nerve injuries and we need to mobilise them quickly so they do not become stiff and limited in range of motion

please complete these exercises within pain free range of motion and without causing discomfort

For further hints and tips on shoulder injuries and health in general then go to

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Low Trap Dips | Brighton Chiropractor

Low Trap Dips | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows simple exercises designed to target the stabilising muscles around the shoulder blade which develop better posture.

Great for preventing neck pain, upper back and shoulder pain, these exercises can easily be developed into your current exercise schedule or done at home

For more hints and tips or videos go to

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One Arm Pulls | Brighton Chiropractor

One Arm Pulls | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows a few simple exercises to help develop and stabilse the postural muscles in the upper back.

Postural muscles including rhomboids, lower traps and rotator cuff muscles help bring the shoulders backward and preventing a forward hunched posture.

Better posture can help prevent upper back, neck and shoulder pain and can be included into your gym work outs or even simply into home maintenance exercises

For further hints and tips then please go to

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Neck Flexibility Exercises

Neck Flexibility Exericses might be something you need today! Do you suffer from a stiff neck and shoulders in the office? If so then you need to read on!

Here are some great neck flexibility exercises that can be done in the office or anywhere during the day.

Classic times when people experience these problems are when sitting and concetnrating on something in front of them.

Desk workk on the computer
Watching TV

Are all good examples of when you should be keeping the neck moving and preventing it from stiffening.

These are simple mobilisation exercises and should be done only within pain free range of motion hence do not push the neck in towards any pain.

If you wish to see further tips and advice for further flexibility exercises or strengthening then please continue through this link

Otherwise enjoy and listen up for any further tips and advice from Core Chiropractic

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Rotator Cuff Exercises | Brighton Chiropractor

Rotator Cuff Exercises from Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman can help you strengthen the rotator cuff and prevent shoulder issues in the future.

A great exercise in rehab cases when treating rotator cuff injuries, the Rotator Cuff Exercises shown here can be done in either the home environment with a theraband or even in the gym with the cable pulleys.

Repeat both sides for 3 x 8 reps and only complete in pain free rnge of motion

For more exericses and tips on shoulder care and general postural exercises please view our News page or book in for your consultation today.

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