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Postural Exercises with suspension trainer from Brighton Chiropractor

Postural Exercises from Brighton Chiropractors can help target the muscles which stabilise the shoulders preventing neck and shoulder pain. This exercise can target the rhomboids, low trapezius and rear deltoid msucles which strengthen and stabilise the shoulder blade in good posture.

There are many postural exercises combined with hands on Chiropractic care in Brightons Core Chiropractic to help treat pain and prevent reoccurance in the future.

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Hip Flexibility Stretches – Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman demonstrates

Hip Flexibility Stretches can effect your chances of developing low back pain. Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman helps explain how to improve your hip flexibility with two simple stretches.

These stretches help you improve your hip flexion which is important when bending forward and squatting. But also hip extension which is very important when walking to prevent over arching in the low back and pelvis.

Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman explains two fantastic stretches that can help you improve your flexibility. If these have been prescribed to you then watch the form careully and do not complete if painfull at all.If either cause back pain or  leg pain then consult the clinic and book in for a free consultation TODAY ON 01273 933170

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Best ways to squat – Core Chiropractic advice on lifting

Best ways to squat – Core Chiropractic advice on lifting

People experience back pain when they are lifting badly without good form. This is due to improper loading of the spine and in so doing we can strain muscles and sprain joints. Poor squatting techniques and bad lifting can all of a sudden cause back pain. This is why in practice we see many people to explain that “I was only bending to pick up my bag and my back went”

However the best ways to squat help you decrease the chances of causing back pain. If we can learn how to squat and bend properly without putting our back under pressure then we decrease to chances of causing tissue damage. The more we practice best ways to squat then the quicker it becomes natural and habitual.

In the words of Marcus Gladwell the start of your 10,000hours starts here. By practicing this form consciously when lifting in the gym or simple tasks makes the movement pattern then habit. When something is habit you will still do it at a subconscious level. So when the kids are screaming and you need to pull the clothes out of the drier you will still squat properly.

Learn the patterns of moving your hips backwards during the best ways to squat and protect your back for the future.

Hip Hinging

This simple video illustrates the ease of preforming a hip hinge when lifting. There are many other techniques when lifting including the golfers lift as seen below.

Check out our advice on the golfers lift on

Keep your eyes out for future videos in our library on core stabilisation techniques and exercises to help maintain a good base for strong lifting.

Further Advice

If you are currently suffering with a problem then don’t simply try to work through it. Visit Core Chiropractic and have any injury  assessed diagnosed and a treatment plan set out for you.



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When to change your running shoes

The quick and easy answer is well before they look like these old trainers of mine. However there are more subtle signs before you get to this stage.

  • When the millage is creeping up to between 450-550miles.
  • When the outer soles begin to degrade and shoe the white inner sole.
  • When they are beginning to wear unevenly between shoes.
  • The support from the mid-foot or the heel begins to appear far too flexible and unsupportive

however generally you need to decide if the shoe is either not offering you support or if it starts creating asymmetries in running style between side to side.

Enjoy your running and look after your feet


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The Golfers lift

How to lift properly using the Golfers Lift

How do you lift properly? This is a common question and the answer is not simply “bend your knees”.

There are many ways to lift properly when you don’t put pressure and strain on your low  back. The aim is to keep your back straight, not bend forward and to over arch when your lifting. The golfers lift, as seen here, is used in times when you are picking up a light item with one hand. EG a golf ball, a child’s shoe or your handbag.

By lifting your non-weight bearing leg behind you, you can counter balance the load that you are picking up. This then equally loads the low back as you are lifting.

As you stand up straight, activate your core by keeping your tummy tight, then bring the back leg back into neutral and regain and neutral stance.

Tiger Woods should not be the only one using the golfers lift. Your will find it an easy way to lift light objects whilst protecting your back.

Use the Golfers lift well however if you feel any pain then book in for a free consultation to see one of our Chiropractors


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