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The Golfers lift – from Core Chiropractic

This week I watched a patient pick up their handbag after a treatment with bad form. She then asked me to show her the best way to pick up light objects. So this week we will be looking at The Golfer’s Lift. Last week we discussed the need for proper lifting  in the best ways to squat. In the video we showed you  how to use the hip hinge to  squat down properly with strength. However this week is a slightly more difficult lift but used for every items to pick up quickly and easily.

The Golfers Lift

This uses the legs to  counter balance the upper body when bending forwards. The golfers lift can prevent the joints in the low back from spraining and the muscles from straining. When we lift badly  we can cause injury. However when we lift properly we prevent the risk of injury. In practice we see patients commonly say  “I was imply bending over to pick up my bag and my back went” this is normally due to  repetitive bad lifting habits which eventually cause tissue injury.

This is designed to be used to pick up light objects. You need good core stability to practice the lift safely  however if you practice at home with light objects while concentrating on your form then the movement pattern will improve.


Prevention of back pain

Proper lifting can prevent back pain however maintenance care and chiropractic adjustments can also prevent the low back from injuring. If you have had pain and these problems keep re-occuring then make contact with us and book in for a free consultation with a qualified Chiropractor to examine the problem today through our request an appointment page

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