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Open Brighton Chiropractors

Brighton Chiropractic Clinic Open

Brighton Chiropractic Clinic Open for Appointments

We are happy to announce that Core Chiropractic Clinic in Brighton is Open for Appointments as of the 1st of June
Since the 23rd March Core Chiropractic has been closed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 throughout the community. However in the previous few weeks advice from the Government, Public Health England and the British Chiropractic Association have changed and approved the reopening for clinics

After a thorough risk assessment and procurement of relevant equipment needed we have made the following measures for opening of the clinic to protect its patients and practitioners

What we ask of you!

1. Please do not attend any appointments if you suffer with any symptoms of Covid-19 including the following
• A positive Covid-19 diagnostic test
• A high temperature
• A persistent cough
• Shortness of Breath
• Change in sense of taste or smell
• If a member of your household is self isolating
• If you are classed as or live with anybody who is considered venerable or high risk. If you are in these groups then please email and we can try to either book a video appointment or mitigate risks even further. For further information on Vulnerable/High Risk Patient groups please see

Clinic Premises

1. Doors will be kept open to minimize need for touching surfaces on entrance and exit
2. Seating and clutter has been removed in the clinic reception to prevent patients sitting and loitering
3. Bench fabric has been removed and no towels will be used during treatments to ease clinic cleaning

What you need to do during Appointments

1. Please do not arrive early- please arrive exactly on time for your appointment to avoid meeting people during cross over times between appointments
2. Your temperature will be taken at the start of the appointment via a non-touch visual forehead infrared thermometer (please do not be offended)
3. I have extended appointments to enable thorough cleaning in between appointments and so there is no patient cross over in the clinic
4. We ask you wait outside the clinic until being invited in. If the weather doesn’t allow this then please wait in your vehicle to be called in
5. Please come in and wash your hands before the session, then wash your hands again before leaving
6. Please do not bring anybody else with you too appointments unless needed to chaperone
7. We ask please provide card payments. Cash will not be accepted on site
8. There will be a copy of our Risk Assessment which w will ask you to sign consent to being aware of

Clinic Cleaning

1. In between patients the clinic surfaces will be cleaned with 70% + alcohol cleaning products and/or antibac antiviral cleaning sprays including the bench, doors, chairs and tables
2. Toilets and reception areas will be cleaned in between morning and afternoon sessions
3. Professional cleaning will occur 2 x weekly

Personal Protective Equipment

1. Practitioners will be wearing PPE during appointments including disposable surgical masks, gloves, aprons and shoe covers. Cleanable full face visors will be worn and practitioners will change clothes in each session
2. Patients will be required to have facial coverings. If you do not have anything then you will be offered a disposable surgical mask. Please do not be offended when offered

Please be aware that these measures are taken for your safety, the safety of your families and the community. We will ask these things of our patients as a whole and not on an individual basis so to help mitigate the risks in such an environment and help keep clinic open

We look forward to seeing you soon however in the mean time please stay safe

Dr Matthew Bateman D.C MChiro ICCSP BSc

Doctor of Chiropractic and Clinic Owner
Tel: 01273 933170

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Chest Stretches | Brighton Chiropractor

Chest Stretches | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman Shows you how stretch and open up your Pectoral Muscles including Pec major and Pec Minor

Tight Pec Muslces can cause postural issues but also be an effect of postural issues. Either way they need to be addressed by combining opening up the pecs with strengthening the antagonistic muscles in the back

But start here by stretching the Pec Muscles as shown

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Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows you simple techniques how to treat and avoid tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow is a irritation or inflamation of the tendon that attached the forearm muscles into the bone of the Raduis bone in the elbow. We normally advise regular methods of treatment including strapping, stretching, icing and pain avoidance as well as strengtheing exercises as seen here

However we also have NEW therapies which can help the especially chronic issues called Shockwave Therapy

We use a machine which pulses audible, low-energy sound waves, called shockwaves. These pass into the injured tissues which then cause blood vessels to open and increase blood flow to the injured area.

Most of the ligament and tendon issues listed above can become chronic because of the poor blood flow into those areas. This inhibits tissue regeneration and healing. Using Shockwave can speed up the bodies healing process and get you back into your activity asap

Shockwave therapy is often recomended now even by the NHS for these types of condidtions when they have become chronic

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Breathing Exercises | Brighton Chiropractor

Breathing Exercises | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows you some simple exercises to improve your lung expansion by breathing with your diaphragm

These exercises can help with deeper better breathing as well as preventing chest tightness and upper back pain due to improper breathing

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Advanced Pigeon Stretch | Brighton Chiropractor

Advanced Pigeon Stretch | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman demonstrates an exercise to stretch the low back hips and gluteal muscles.

This is a great exercise to improve flexibility and prevent back stiffness occuring

For further hints and tips go to

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Leg Foam Rolling | Brighton Chiropractor

Leg Foam Rolling | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows you how to release and ease tension in the leg muscles includiing

1. Gluteals
2. Ilio-tibial Band
3. Calf Muscles

this can help ease tension and knee pain, hip pain and or plantar fasciitis in the ankle/foot.

It can also hellp prevent leg injuries inclduing overuse injusries when running or during sports.

For any further hints and tips on sports injuries and preventing leg inuries then go to

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