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Brighton Chiropractor Matthew Bateman Healthy Eating makes you Happy

The Core Essentials to Health is the latest collumn written by Brighton Chiropractor Matthew Bateman and to read the full story please follow below:

Healthy Eating Keeps Your Happy

There are many diets in the media, it is difficult to know which FAD to listen to. Nutrition should not just be about weight loss as we should all know the affects of our food has on us. People who have decreased brain function, regular illness or chronic pain may be dehydrated, eating low energy foods or eating too many inflammatory foods such as red meat, refined sugars or processed foods.

A common piece of advice I give to patients is to drink more water. People who are properly hydrated are less susceptible to headaches, muscle pain and have better brain function. See how you feel if you drink 2 – 2.5 litres of water daily.( But think about when you are drinking water.)( You dehydrate during the night by exhaling water vapor and sweating and then morning caffeine makes you more dehydrated hence you can swap your morning coffee or tea for a lemon water or herbal tea to rehydrate as early as possible. This can help your brain function, mobility and digestive system for the rest of the day. Ignore some of the FADs and make small changes to your diet and see what works for us.

When diet is combined with physical fitness and psychological happiness you can make changes in your overall health. Combining the three allows you to balance a good level of health if you know you are going to have a stressful week and cannot make the gym then you need to be strict with your diet. However if you have been segregating your stress levels, completing consistent exercise then feel free to enjoy a steak and vino with your family.


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