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Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Tennis Elbow | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman shows you simple techniques how to treat and avoid tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow is a irritation or inflamation of the tendon that attached the forearm muscles into the bone of the Raduis bone in the elbow. We normally advise regular methods of treatment including strapping, stretching, icing and pain avoidance as well as strengtheing exercises as seen here

However we also have NEW therapies which can help the especially chronic issues called Shockwave Therapy

We use a machine which pulses audible, low-energy sound waves, called shockwaves. These pass into the injured tissues which then cause blood vessels to open and increase blood flow to the injured area.

Most of the ligament and tendon issues listed above can become chronic because of the poor blood flow into those areas. This inhibits tissue regeneration and healing. Using Shockwave can speed up the bodies healing process and get you back into your activity asap

Shockwave therapy is often recomended now even by the NHS for these types of condidtions when they have become chronic

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