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Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Achilles Tendonitis

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Achilles Tendonitis

Shockwave Therapy Brighton | Achilles Tendonitis is a common overecurtion / repitive strain injury in the Achilles Tendon which as a result of mechanical stress to the calf muscles and tendons.

This is a common insjury in long distance runners, dancers and sports which include explosive dynamic movements. When there is inflamation in the tendon this can cause sharp tendon pain when load bearing and also throbbing pain even when at rest. The pain can commonly cause you to be unable to weight bear and also prevent your training and exercise routines or even simply walking to work

We commonly recmonend manual techniques such as calf massage, stretching, relative rest, and icing to this very painfull Achilles Tendonitis or Tendonopathy hwoever somtimes these pains can become chronic and need a different approach

We have a new techniques used at Core Chiropractic where we use acoustic sound wave / shockwaves which can induce blood vessel growth in the tendon which normally doesnt have very much blood flow

This creates a better environment for healing to occur

At Core Chiropractic we use manual techniques with Shockwave therapy within the same sessions to help maximise the chance of recovery as quickly as possible

Further Reading

NHS consultants across the country including in Guys London use therapies including Shockwave to treat Axhilles tendonitis and here is there protocol behind it

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