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Suspension Training Mountain Climbers

Suspension Training Mountain Climbers are a great exercise to strengthen the abdominals and low back muscles.

This is an advanced exercise which is only appropiate if you have done other core stability exercises all in pain free practice and need a progression of further exercises.

A great exercise using your own body weight and a dynamic exercise which uses core stability during movement.

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Side Plank Rotations Exercise | Brighton Chiropractor

Side Plank Rotation Exercise demonstrated by Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman. The side plank exercise is a great exercise to help stabilise the core while moving dynamically. It will strengthen the abdominals, gluteal and low back muscles which can prevent epsisodes of back pain and improve performance in other activities.

This is a good alternative to a normal plank as the movement is more realistic to everyday activities where we move twist and lift our body weight as opposed to holding a stiff rigid posture.

Please complete within pain free range of motion and stop if any back issues or pain occurs.

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The Core Essentials to Health – How to maintain a positive mindset

Learn the simple tricks to maintaining a positive mind-set in the most recent ” Core Essentials to Health ” column from Chiropractor Matthew Bateman in the Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper.

This month describes simple and easy tricks to swap from a frustrated negative mind-set into a more positive resourceful mind-set at your command. These tips can help your psychological health which in turn contributes to your overall health.

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The Core Essentials to Health

With Dr Matthew Bateman (Doctor of Chiropractic)

Welcome to the Core Essentials to Health column. This monthly column can teach you how to live a healthier life. The three main factors that contribute to your health are psychological stress, physical wellbeing and nutrition. This month we are focusing on how to maintain a positive mind-set during your daily activities.

Psychological happiness is important because stress can make you more susceptible to depression, heart disease and weight gain. Nobody is completely stress free and you may have it during your commute, office politics or even from certain family members. Many of us have finished a hard day, come home, had a glass of wine and continued to allow the days stress effect your mind-set.  After leaving a stressful environment you can change this negative attitude and re-set your mind-set. Some people choose to meditate, listen to cheerful music or play with their children. Personally I choose to exercise, often I run home from work while listening to health and fitness podcasts. This positive task allows for endorphins to be released in my system, it improves my mood and helps my brain function away from work. The immediate self-satisfaction makes me happy to go on into my next task of the day. You may be different but you can find that task that can help you re-set your mind-set. This may be a 10minute fitness video, bathing your children or taking your partner on date night however find what activity works for you and make it a priority. This will help you move forward in a positive psychological state.

Read next month we will let you know a few secrets to committing to long term exercise plans and making a positive change in your life.

Future Articles can all be found on in the future as well as tips and hints on diet, core stabilisation and clinic news.





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The best exercises for low back and core stability – Both Sided Dead Bug

Here is the both sided or “Bilateral Dead Bug” which is one of our exercises for low back pain. The development of both sides at the same time is harder along the progression from the normal Dead Bug. It should only be attempted when the Dead Bug is pain free and easy….or becoming no challenge any more. By improving CORE strength you can prevent further low back pain and improve your performance in every day activities.

The Bilateral Dead Bug again should be done in 3 x 8-10 reps and can have dumbbells added if needed.

Oh and wait there is still a further progress to come




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The best exercises for low back and core stability – Dead Bug

The Dead Bug is one of my favourite exercises and is done to stabilise the low back and core when your arms / legs are moving. It will help you stay strong when you are doing regular activities like lifting children, playing contact sports or performing overhead activates.

Pick the level which is appropiate for you and complete 3 x 8-10 reps within your core workout

Enjoy….and wait for the harder progression


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