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Brighton Chiropractor | Hip 90 Leg Abductions

Brighton Chiropractor | Hip 90 deg Abductions Great exercise to strengthen and stretch the hips, glutes and ease the lower back. The hip abductor muscles help to raise your leg to the side, away from your body. They also help support your pelvis when you’re standing on one leg. When these muscles are weak, it can affect your balance and mobility. It can also cause low back pain due to instability. This exercise is also very beneficial for runners.

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Hamstring Stretching | Brighton Chiropractor

Hamstring Stretching | Brighton Chiropractor Matt Bateman deminstrates that stretching is something that many patients with tight backs, glutes and backs of the legs

You may need to stretch the hamstrings to help treat back pain or even types of knee injuries For further help hints and tips regarding chiropractic or general health then go to

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